With my summer internship done and over with, I turn my attention towards a video game I've been itching to create since I learned the art of programming. One of my favorite old games, Arx Fatalis, took place in a city underground. The entire world's population retreated to the depths of the earth because of the sun burning out. There were talk and mention of a group of people known as the Traveller's Guild who would travel along the surface to deliver messages and supplies to neighboring undergound cities. I wanted to explore the surface, but Arx Fatalis did not have that capability. I am creating a prequel to Arx, called Arx Catalyst, which takes place on the surface and explains how Kultar - the first human NPC you meet - came to be in his place. I will be creating a separate website to promote this work as I plan to release this game for free to the community, after I receive permission from Arkane Studios.

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