I've been very busy since the beginning of the year, and each day I feel a bit more capable in the career I'm pursuing. Working as a one man programming team on three different video games in development leaves a little free time for sleep, and a lot of time to become a proficient self taught programmer. I am grateful I have my own project, Arx Catalyst, in which I can model and animate until my heart is content. A few weekends ago I participated in the global game jam as a programmer, and we created a very fun, addictive little platformer. (Found here: http://globalgamejam.org/2012/tzoms-run) The team who worked on it would love to continue developing it, and so would I, but with the work on my plate I'll have to wait until one of these projects reaches completion, or at least has less need of me. This summer I'll have my degree and three games underneath my belt

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