I fondly remember staring at the kickstarter for OUYA when I was in college, and dreaming of all the fun I could have with a console I could easily develop for. I thought about how awesome it would be if I could take my Unity experience and push it onto a controller and invite a few friends over for some entertainment.
      10 days ago, I learned of the CREATE game jam where people develop a game for the OUYA console, and to my amazement, there even a 'best of Unity' prize! I had to enter. Over the past 10 days I've taken a game from concept to prototype, and learned a few things about C# and OUYA along the way. Enjoy this trailer, and if you find the game interesting, please go to the youtube link and comment or like the video; it let's everyone know that this project has serious potential.
    The tale of Marlayo is very rich and developed; a glimpse of it's unique happenings can be seen in one of my previous animations. This game itself is heavily influenced by an old game I used to play, called Dungeon Crawl

Paden Bedlion

So great! I wish I could play. :)


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