It has been a long time since I've posted here, too long to be honest. But straight to the point: Our Top Level Music production is making good process. For a group of talented individuals who have never collaborated on a music video before, we are excelling above the average expectation. Carson tells me stories of publicity that people are expressing towards our work; His website hitting close to 2000 views in a month speaks wonders itself.
    Nothing ever goes according to plan, so we've stuttered a bit on our intake of raw footage; however, Cyrille and I are making up for it through our post production tasks. I am currently stabilizing a lot of footage that was taken while in a vehicle. Once the camera shake is removed, the footage will be ready to include in the first cut of our first video! While our footage is stabilizing, I'm also working on the special effect that will be used as Top Level's Logo. It involves controlling fluid so that it will splash and then their logo will form out of it. This is the first time I've messed around with fluid, so I've been running several tests.The first below is my first successful test, where I use a wine glass as an object that interacts with the fluid. The second one uses a higher calculation of fluid simulation. In this one, you can see me begin to control the water as what will be the logo rises out of it.
    Now that the full team is in effect, I feel like a stronger part of this production. On the back burner is a poster I had an idea of creating, which will utilize a full panoramic image taken at scenic view. Cyrille, Carson and I have discussed returning to the same point to capture a night shot; however as I stated before, this is a related side project, so I work on it when I manage to get both footage and visual effects into render time state. The beat goes on, and I'm excited that regardless of minor hiccups here and there, every day we get together to work on this project, we take large steps towards

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    A dream come true means a job well done in my book. Here documents my experience throughout the progression of my part in the creation of several music videos.


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