We've sat down and begun bouncing ideas for the first out of three music videos. Our star Reggie has a big dream of how this will come out, and everyone seems to be on board. With this kind of initiative, we have the potential to do something great. Cyrille, our main visual effects specialist and my fellow animator was sure to emphasize the importance of pre-production, which I agree with 100%. If we're going to make something noticeable, something large enough to move Top Level Music to the top, we need a solid foundation. This backs up my drive to create an animatic. With storyboard's laid out, we will be able to plan every stage and supply we'll need before diving in. Think of it as an insurance policy for the future. With our initial meeting, I believe we have clear skies to navigate all the way to the end.
Dr. Lewis
5/28/2011 10:46:48

Please post some of the pre-production documents here so I can see them.

I think you have a good potential for a great production here, but I would iike to see more cohesive working together in the future.


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