With the second meeting underneath our belt, it has become clear to me the desired pace of our production. We're already hopping into scheduling times to meet, equipment to film, and other necessities. The storyboards presented were extremely helpful; to sit down and view them myself really solidified my idea of what our final product can be. These index cards, such a simple representation of an idea, are what will drive us in the direction we need to go. Once the storyboards are completed, we'll not only have a solid direction; we will have a destination.
    I listen to the song, to the lyrics, and to Reggie and Carson's elaboration on the subject, and try to imagine it my mind what I can do to make this video shine above others. Whether it be through editing, visual effects, or animation, we will have something that will turn heads and capture our target audience.
    Currently I am away, visiting family in Colorado. While here I will set time aside to experiment with Top Level Music's logo, as well as create and edit an animatic, once the storyboard is complete. Summer session has yet to officially start, yet I have my work cut out for me already. Just the

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    A dream come true means a job well done in my book. Here documents my experience throughout the progression of my part in the creation of several music videos.


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