My posts have come to a halt since a certain point in the development of top level music related work. As deadlines closed in, our team realized that what once was a good idea became extremely difficult to achieve in the time we had left. Having to rush to complete the music videos, I neglected myself the time to update on progress here on my site. The videos were completed mid-august, and exhausted from the amount of work it took, I took leave from animation and began honing my programming skillset instead. I am currently working on a new project, Arx Catalyst, a prequel to the fantastic game known as Arx Fatalis. I will be contacting Arkane Studios for their permission and blessing very soon. For more information on this project, please check my normal blog, which should soon have a link to the website I will be using to promote my game.

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    A dream come true means a job well done in my book. Here documents my experience throughout the progression of my part in the creation of several music videos.


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